Top Ten e-petitions

At the time of writing the 10 most popular e-petitions are

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
repeal the Hunting Act 2004. Nick Onslow FRES 15 November 2007 7719
scrap the proposed introduction of ID cards Paul Neath 15 February 2007 2376
champion the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, by not replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system. Dr. Benedict Young 17 February 2007 1698
create a new exception to copyright law that gives individuals the right to create a private copy of copyrighted materials for their own personal use, including back-ups, archiving and shifting format. Suw Charman 26 December 2006 1375
Reverse the decision not to award D.C Stephen Oake a posthumous George Cross. Dave Brettell 15 February 2007 1166
Abolish all faith schools and prohibit the teaching of creationism and other religious mythology in all UK schools Nicola Holt 15 November 2007 1068
Offer the British people a referendum on continued membership of the European Union Alastair Terry 15 February 2007 1051
stand on his head and juggle ice-cream. Tim Ireland 16 August 2007 666
cease using the so called need for ‘constructive engagement’ as an excuse to give impunity to Israel to continue to violate international humanitarian law. Betty Hunter 17 December 2006 578
levy a tax on energy inefficient light bulbs so that their long term financial and environmental cost is visible in their retail price Francis Irving 26 March 2007 532

And still no sign of Frank Harvey (see here for an early public note of his petition proliferation )


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to Top Ten e-petitions

  1. surliminal says:

    Coo, I know about that fourth one 🙂
    So, no Spandau ballet?

    • Despite my best endeavours to drum up support for Tony Hadley it remains rooted to a shamefully low number of signatories. I suspect Hadley did himself a lot of damage when he murdered various songs on that ITV show about past-it pop stars the other year, and it really can’t help that Martin Kemp (not the one that writes biographies of da Vinci) appears flogging sofas on our screens every commercial break…
      Hope you are keeping a little better (and get to a doctor).

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