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Books of the year

At thsi time of year newspapers and magazines are full of pithy comments recommending various books of the year.  This is not pithy but here are a few that I’ve particularly enjoyed this year. My favourite new British fiction was The … Continue reading

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From The Onion

Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution TOPEKA, KS—Any living being that undergoes genetic modification favouring survival could face jail time under the new law. .onion_embed{ background:rgb(256,256,256)!important;border:4px solid rgb(65,160,65);border-width:4px 0 1px 0;margin:10px 30px!important;padding:5px;overflow:hidden!important;zoom:1;}.onion_embed img{ border:0!important;}.onion_embed a{display:inline;}.onion_embed a.img{ float:left!important;margin:0 5px 0 0!important;width:66px;display:block;overflow:hidden!important;}.onion_embed a.img … Continue reading

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Tony for PM – new blog

For the attention of the estimable burkesworks, v ia guido a noteworthy blog calling for Tony to stay PM which appears not to be a satirical site, but which has a tone which renders it ripe for those with satirical intent.  … Continue reading

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The one minute 28 seconds review

This is the latest in a series of instant reviews of TV programmes ignoring the example of Rob Buckley in his excellent TV blog where a minimum of 3 episodes are considered before rushing to judgment on televisual experiences.  The length … Continue reading

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Scotland in the news

Living in a country whose national news is intensely regional in nature I note two stories that dominated today’s headlines. First, Scotland’s oldest woman died.  She was 111.  However, we all know from the late Les Dawson that this just … Continue reading

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Neither one thing nor the other but somewhere in between

Via andrewducker conclusive proof that I am indecisive, or not.  Anyway, see what you think. You scored as Either. You brain is neither specifically male, nor female in the way you perceive your surroundings. As bad as this may sound to … Continue reading

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BBC4 tonight – The Cult of Star Cops

The BBC4 SF season continues this evening with a documentary on Star Cops, the short-lived detective s in space drama series conceived by Chris “Robots of Death” Boucher.   In the Guardian Gareth McLean describes the series as “rubbish”, although it … Continue reading

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Best excuse for absence awards 2006

So, at what point did the South AFrican gentleman think,  “I know.  I’ll tell them I was consulting my gynaecologist.” Happy to hear of any better excuses.

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Media news – making the Grade

Following the shock resignation of Sir Michael Grade the BBC have unveiled his replacement, designed to thwart Grade in his bid to revamp ITV.  Ant ‘n’ Dec will assume their new role from the start of the year in a … Continue reading

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A note on terrorism and Alexander Litvinenko

The death of Alexander Litivinenko set me thinking about the recent UK legislation on terrorism, not in terms of the killing of Litvinenko but in relation to his own conduct while in the UK.   Westminster passed the Terrorism Act in 2000.  … Continue reading

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The fantastic Mr Fox

 My regular reader will be aware of past posts regarding the break up of the long established union of Scottish socialists into Solidartomsc (the Sheridanistas) and the SSP (Stop Sheridan Party).  For information I have discovered that the convener of … Continue reading

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View from North Queensferry 2.30 pm today

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Fake game shows

The Secret Milliner Sarah Smith goes undercover in the new More 4 gameshow. Unknown to her loyal viewers on More 4, who catch Sarah saying good night just before The Daily Show starts, Sarah has many hidden talents – including … Continue reading

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Prison news

He had been locked up for 2 years.  He missed his girlfriend.  He had not seen her for 6 months.  She was not responding to calls.   Prior to his release he was moved to an open prison.  The pain of separation was … Continue reading

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Frank Harvey

Of the first 179 petitions to the Scottish Parliament 29 were sent by one man, Frank Harvey from Glasgow.  The Scottish petiiton procedure allows any individual to send a petition to the Parliament.  Only the initiator of the petition need … Continue reading

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Cybus Corporation against scammers

I pass this on for what it is worth.  A protracted Doctor Who inspired negotiation with some 419 spammers.  It is delightful with numerous Doctor Who based in-jokes, and some inspired criticism of the drafting fo the legal documentation provided. … Continue reading

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New e-petitions

Free Monkeys on the NHS ;Ban baked beans to assist with the fight against global warming ;Stop wives from “nagging us men”;ban the signing of petitions to repeal the ban on hunting ;and, because “it’s just rubbish isn’t it?” to ban … Continue reading

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Field Marshall Dr Styre to encourage good parenting

This morning, Home Secretary and representative of the vanguard of the Sontaran invasion fleet, Field Marshall Dr Styre appeared on Five Live initiating his crusade for good parenting.  When children go wrong it is the fault of the parents, he … Continue reading

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Top Ten e-petitions

At the time of writing the 10 most popular e-petitions are We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures repeal the Hunting Act 2004. Nick Onslow FRES 15 November 2007 7719 scrap the proposed introduction of ID … Continue reading

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Blair’s Frost-bite

So does Tony B now wish he’d agree with George’s plans to attack al Jazeera?

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