What subliminal messages?

Gordon Brown was born in Kirkcaldy, as was the famous economist Adam Smith.  Occasionally tainted through his association with a conservative thinktank, Smith was multi-talented and produced among other things, a legal textbook – best known in Scottish circles for being the first real treatment of intellectual property rights.  Renowned in his lifetime, Smith is perhaps even better known today and has reached a position of national notoriety.  Demonstrating this is his elevation to the giddy heights of the Bank of England notes.  Over the years many famous faces have appeared on the reverse of the Queen including Newton, Wellington, NIghtingale, Darwin, Elgar, and Dickens.  Now it is Smith’s turn.  

From what I recall this will make Smith the first Scot to appear on a Bank of England note (although the Bank of England was of course established by a Scot).  Of no little consequence are these actions occurring under one G Brown’s watch for Brown is subconsciously attempting to influence the public into translating his “sound fiscal stewardship” with “Prudence” (TM) into a more senior role.  Randomly choosing Kirkcaldy’s most famous son for the banknotes (prompting news reports to draw the appropriate comparisons with G Brown) is one such subliminal message.

Perhaps, though, Brown is influencing our thinking in other more nefarious ways – through the insertion of hidden messages in many peculiar places.  Maybe even this LJ post has been affected.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to What subliminal messages?

  1. camies says:

    Conan Doyle! Definitely! Or … well, loads of Scottish people. But why Smith?

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