Could it be magic?

There was an interesting documentary on BBC1 Scotland last night about the newspaper industry in Scotland.  It examined the tabloids: from the heyday of the Scottish Daily Express through its supplanting by the Daily Record to the Scottish Sun’s lowering of the tone and ultimate success in the Scottish circulation wars.  During the discussion they pointed out that those responsible for the “development” of the Scottish SUn in Scotland left to set up a Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Scot in 1991.  This venture failed and flopped after 14 weeks.  

Apparently the first edition was very poor as the big scoop story they were intending to launch with fell through.  The founding editor, Jack Irvine (IIRC the man behind the “Keep the clause” campaign – organised to try to prevent the Scottish Parliament repealing the Scottish equivalent of “clause 28”), indicated that the lead story was intended to be a devastating story about senior Scottish judges.  He then paused and said that everyone in the know would know what he meant.

How dare he leave us there.  What was/is this big story? 

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  1. tanngrisnir says:

    How irritating. It rings no bells with me.

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