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The other day I posted about the Observer article on the best of British, Irish and Commonwealth fiction.  The Observer has been running a comments section on this with various contributions from readers.

To note: (a) how many Observer readers cannot read the parameters set by the original article: so plenty of recommendations for Kundera, Murakami, and any one of a number of American writers.
(b)  a number of those commenting recommend the addition of Waterland, Trainspotting, Lanark, Empire of The Sun, GB84 or What a Carve Up to the list.  
(c) someone mentioned Andrew Crumey – I’m glad but they chose my least favourite of his novels, Mr Mee which seems a transitional novel from his earlier tight European post-modern stuff (Pfitz exemplifies this) to a looser work (Mobius Dick)
(d) the speculation as to who nominated him or herself.  Suggestions include Rushdie (my tip) or Banville (who I think has nominated John McGahern based on the mutual appreciation society the two had).

Banville is on the list for his Blunt novel (although I would place The Book of Evidence as my favourite of his novels).  He has now published a crime novel, Christine Falls under the pseudonym Benjamin Black.  I’m intrigued – particularly given a fantastic review by Michael Dibdin in The Guardian on Saturday.  A strong plot is not something I associate with the great man, but this seems worth a look.

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