It’s Elish

Elish Angiolini has been nominated to be the new Lord Advocate.  She would be the first woman to hold the post.  And will be the first solicitor to do so.  And the first Strathclyde Law School graduate.

One of the principal functions of the law officers is to give the Executive legal advice – particularly on devolution issues of competence.  While Ms Angiolini has extensive criminal experience after a lifetime in the criminal court service she has less experience in this area.  I trust that the nominee for solicitor general will therefore have more civil experience as it is crucial that this crucial aspect of the role of a law officer is not downplayed.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to It’s Elish

  1. Anonymous says:

    A right bunch of barristers
    So, have I got this right ? The Lord Advocate isn’t a Lord, she’s a lady, and she’s not an Advocate, she’s a solicitor. The Lady Solicitor in fact.
    You will be telling me next that the new Solicitor-General isn’t a solicitor, he’s an Advocate.
    It’s all so confusing

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