Sheridan v News INternational, MI5, best men, Fox, Leckie, Kane, 16 other SSP executive member et al

Tommy Sheridan believes the world is against him.  His best man’s against him.  ANother of his best men is against him.  11 of the 19 members of the executive committee of the political party that he set up are against him.  Rupert Murdoch’s against him.  The News of the World is against him.  MI5 and the CIA are against him.  If he didn’t have the love of a good woman who can accept the hairy man for the gentle compassionate human beneath I don’t know what he’d do.

Yesterday as I explained in my posts Tommy gave a press conference explaining why the News of the World tape was as fake as its sheikh, and why he – Tommy Sheridan – would relish another fight with the Murdoch press – but as he’d sacked his last legal team apparently lawyers aren’t very keen to offer him a no win no fee arrangement for the fight (clue to Tommy it’s the no fee part which worries the lawyers.  Most lawyers are happy to take on these cases if they think they’ll win).

Tommy last night reminded me of Zaphod Beeblebrox in the total perspective vortex.  So rich was the conspiracy against him (Tommy described it himself as “the mother of all stitch ups” ) I suspect that when Tommy emerged from the vortex he would simply grin and declare, “I’m Tommy Sheridan” before proceeding to lambast the Murdoch press, the CIA, MI5, Colin Fox, the gender obsessed members of the SSP, before turning his attack on Alpha Centauri and the inhabitants of Voga, the legendary planet of gold.

His press conference yesterday has generated considerable coverage in Scottish and Englihs newspapers.  It’s in The Guardian, the Scotsman, the Herald, and the Independent.  They all cover the same ground: Tommy denying that the News of the World tape is genuine; and that he would not be surprised if MI5 (or indeed MFI or Ikea) were to be involved in the stitching up of the Tomster and the thwarting of Solidartomsc.  Tommy’s criticism of the tape is very informative.  I alluded yesterday to his suggestion that the tampering of the tape was done by computer graphics – which conjured up the image of a CGI TOmmy ready for insertion into TV studios – as he had never been in the house of his best man (who was imprisoned with Tommy during the poll tax protests and who was at school with him and had been friendly with him for decades).  Tommy slightly changed takc yesterday.  He said he had been advised by experts that the tape contained two voices.  I heard two voices too.  One alleged to be Tommy and one apparently being mr McNeilage.  Perhaps Tommy meant that his own parts of the tape are based on two voices – Tommy’s own words and a master impressionist.  Esto (as they say in Scottish civil litigation – it means well, if that didn’t work here’s another basis of defence) the voice was Tommy’s then he didn’t say these things but this was a spliced collection of Tommy comments culled from recordings over the years – something which Tommy indicated he had expertise in following his experience of PPBs (!? – you mean they edit these things to make them sound better/worse?).  Perhaps some of the comments had come from Tommy during a car trip with McNeilage.  McNeilage had recorded these and spliced them into a conversation.  Further, the experts that had identified Tommy’s voice for the News of the Screws  were ultra right wing neo-cons obviously in the pay of the CIA.  

As the press conference went on, and the reports pile up, and the interviews continue I begin to feel a little guilty for banging on about the case and the aftermath.  Tommy has no way to back down.  Are we witnessing not only the destruction of the SSP, of the new parties of the left in Scotland, of his political career, but his emotional and personal demise?  Watching his Michael Murray-esque twitches and grins on Newsnight last night and in his press conference I started to feel sorry for Sheridan and for his family.  And in the interview on Newsnight Scotland one question was asked leaving one conspicuously unspoken.  When discussing the SSP members providing material to a Murdoch newspaper Gordon Brewer said, “they must really hate you”.  Tommy has to face the question why do these former close friends, these comrades, hate him so much.  In the current climate he must be a lonely man.

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  1. surliminal says:

    Go talk to Burkhard – he can tell you lots about how digital video tampering aian’s as easy as TS cracks it up to be..

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