CGI Sheridan

My regular reader may remember an episode of Hancock’s Half Hour called Twelve ANgry Men.  Based on the film the episode featured Hancock and Sid on a jury agruing for the innocence of the accused.  Hancock suggests various excuses for the accused including the suggestion that he is one of twin brothers, like the Corsican Brothers “and I say we’ve got the good one”.  

This has nothing to do with Tommy Sheridan other than to note that it came into mind during his interview on Newsnight Scotland last night.  In the interview Mr Sheridan suggested that the News of the World videotape (see past posts) was faked.  

“I don’t think this concocted tape has done us any damage whatsoever.  I saw with my own eyes when we made party political broadcasts what we can do with computer graphics as far as voices are concerned.” he said.

Drawing on his extensive PPB experience and making an analogy with the BBC Radio 2 Elvis promo (where Elvis introduced a band comprising one Gallagher, Keith Moon, the Sugababes, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all) he claimed that you could do anything with computers now and that he was obviously faked in the video.  I await additional CGI appearances for Tommy.  Perhaps he’ll be CGIed into the Runaway Bride Doctor Who Christmas special, or Torchwood, or Robin Hood.  Or is he being saved for the next Ridley Scott masterpiece?  If he’s been CGIed why not take other Scottish politicians: Cathy “NEwsnight Scotland invited Cathy Jamieson on to discuss the issue but she declined the invitation” Jamieson, Scotland’s Justice Minister, could be CGIed and appear in the Newsnight studio.  Entire parliamentary debates could be conducted by CGI figures.  Gordon “Crackerjack” Jackson MSP could pursue both a successful political career and continue his successful criminal advocacy with a CGI version for Holyrood.

Also on Newsnight Scotland Colin Fox SSP leader was interviewed explaining that he welcomed the criminal investigation as it could only clear his name.  At one point he said, “I don’t think there’s anyone left in Scotland who doesn’t know who Pinocchio is.”  That’s not strictly true though.  While my three year old has a passing familiarity with the story my one year old would struggle with any detailed questions on the whole Pinocchio business.  When it comes to Hairy MacLary though both are experts.

We can expect more from our very own Hairy MacLary later today when he holds a press conference.

Edited to add: But in the interim thrill to a video of Tommy on the news denying everything and welcoming a perjury investigation here.

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