George Osborne faintly ridiculous

I’ve never been to the US but watch the Daily Show nightly on More 4 and witness occasional extracts from Fox News and its one-eyed view of life where any contrary policy or political view is for attack or dismissal.  I imagine that the Tory blogs are a little like Fox News.  I read Tory blogs: Guido Fawkes; Iain Dale; DizzyI’ve even looked at Ardman’s web-cameron.  Tory blogs make an interesting read.  They slag off the Labour party.  They slag off the Lib Dems.  They occasionally debate matters of policy (Dale and Dizzy).  They offer titilating parliamentary gossip (thanks to guido I understand some of the underlying references in news reports about John Prescott).  And they’ve had their successes in setting the political news agenda.  However, when their own are involved the Tory blogs go quiet.  So, nothing on the investigation of Tory donors in the cash for honours investigation and nothing on the mysterious affair of George Osborne.  

Osborne is shadow chancellor.  I assume he’s on work experience from his local school.  He looks about twelve and his political invective is even more juvenile.    In a fringe meeting he apparently implied that Gordon Brown was faintly autistic.  This was done in a jocular fashion, so that’s all right then.  Osborne’s boss surely won’t be happy given his own track record in the area of education for autistic children and those with other special educational needs.  And what will be the reaction of Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings who famously challenged Blair over education of autistic children on The Wright Stuff last year and who now finds herself on the Tory A list of prospective candidates?  

Perhaps one of the Tory blogs with better access to Ms Hutchings could investigate?

Edited on 6th October to note that Dizzy discussed the issue on Wednesday 4th October, with thanks to Dizzy for drawing this to my attention.

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    • Re: Well…
      That post came after my original post and my original post was mid-conference. But I’m glad that you didn’t shy away from the topic but dealt with it in your content. I’m happy to edit the original post to acknowledge this.
      Many thanks for posting, and thanks for your own blog with which I often disagree but which is (lie Iain and Guido) always worth reading.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about …
    I have departed so I will deminish.

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