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Sports personality of the year

The nomination process is now open for BBC sports personality of the year.  The article tries to tilt you to various parties (the royal, the sulk, &c) but you can nominate from the following: Let’s get  Phil “The power” … Continue reading

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Protected: Interview meme from surliminal

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Typo coroner, em, corner

From The Independent Media Weekly p 14 in the 2nd level headline “More and more British TV stars are trying to follow Anne Robinson and Simon Callow on to US networks.” Callow’s US success is of course well-known.  The US … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who cabinet

The former Labour party chairman McCartney Alien Priest

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What subliminal messages?

Gordon Brown was born in Kirkcaldy, as was the famous economist Adam Smith.  Occasionally tainted through his association with a conservative thinktank, Smith was multi-talented and produced among other things, a legal textbook – best known in Scottish circles for … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who cabinet continued

Overseas Development: nuzzink in ze vurld can stop me now. Benn fish person

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The Doctor Who cabinet

Deputy Prime Minister Styggron     Prescott   Styggron

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Remembrance of weddings past

The scene: a Scottish wedding in a church The bride is a huge fan of the overwrought number 1 hit single, “Everything I do I do it for you” by some Canadian bloke.  Apparently this song has been used on … Continue reading

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The interview meme

Via  blue_condition ..  This has been typed pending my first viewing of Torchwood so apologies for any incoherence. 1. Do you find many outlets in Law for subversive creativity or is it something you can only really indulge in outside your … Continue reading

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Richard Keen QC

My regular reader will recall that during the summer I was interested in a defamation action involving a prominent MSP.  The defamation action lasted many weeks and in the course of it the senior counsel for the MSP, Richard Keen … Continue reading

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Could it be magic?

There was an interesting documentary on BBC1 Scotland last night about the newspaper industry in Scotland.  It examined the tabloids: from the heyday of the Scottish Daily Express through its supplanting by the Daily Record to the Scottish Sun’s lowering … Continue reading

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Failed film pitches again

Snipes on a plain Samuel L Jackson stars as a CIA operative sent to Namibia to capture a warrant-jumping actor.  Having tried the mountainous territory Jackson discovers the actor hiding out on the west coast.  Matters are all set for … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Scottish politics – fiscal autonomy

WIth the Scottish elections next year some parties are positioning themselves for the post-election coalition negotiations.  AT the moment the press have concentrated on teh SNP demand for a year 1 referendum on independence (something which Lib Dem leader Nicol … Continue reading

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Peter Cook – entirely a matter for you

Cook’s version of the summing up in the Jeremy Thorpe Rinkagate case is available via the Channel Four website.and no, I didn’t see Torchwood.  I’m waiting for a logo free screening on Wednesday. 

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Do you have a question for David Blunkett?

If so, the lovely people at Labourhome want to hear from you.  As the great event is a few days off I’ll ponder what to ask. I may have to revive my spurious hotmail account with which I apply … Continue reading

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Well at least we’re top in something

According to the Beeb we have moved up the charts to number 1 in international terrorist targets.   Will this prompt Field Marshall Dr Styre in the Home Office to increase the terror warning and change the lightbulb?              Reid           … Continue reading

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Challenge Cameron: he gets down with da kidz

David Cameron – never knowingly one to miss a photo opportunity – today meets a purveyor of rap and hip-hop to discuss Cameron’s comments about the genre.   The meeting came because the rapper wrote to Cameron saying, “My challenge to you, Mr … Continue reading

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Blunkett interviewed

The Guardian podcasts are not things I’ve ventured into very often, aside from Banville on his Blunt book and Rankin on Fleshmarket Close (by the way Banville’s new pseudonymous Christine Falls by “Benjamin Black” is pretty good).  However, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Failed film pitches no 94

Snipes on a plane Samuel L Jackson stars as the FBi agent on one final job determined to track down yet another actor that’s jumped bail.  Special cameo for Lee Majors as a bounty hunter cum stuntman who proves to … Continue reading

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Make Bono History

Make Bono History.  He may have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and deal with Presidents but he’s gone to court to get back a bloody hat.  Wonder how much this is costing? 

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