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When mince attacks

Not a fake gameshow sadly but a report from the sheriff court today. Solicitor Peter Keen, defending, said …: “There was no need for the ambulance, because although the mince had been thrown it wasn’t hot mince.”

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Not you too, Bob: Doctor Who influences COnservatives

The new Conservative party logo in Scotland was unveiled (it’s bigger and leans less to the right than the English equivalent – make up your own jokes, bonus points for any that are tailoring related).  It is perhaps surprising to see … Continue reading

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Secret service and BBC conspiracy

One of the delights of subscribing to the newsgroup is the wealth of posts from the international mens organisation who see conspiracies in a variety of areas.  In their most recent post they describe a conspiracy between the BBC, … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Someone has leaked to the Tories (and it was plastered over the BBC news last night) that the bad news education statistics on certain school tests were buried on a good news day about GCSE results.  Cue: an opportunity to … Continue reading

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In for a penny

One pontiff now wishes he’d gone ahead with his original intention of illustrating his lecture with a powerpoint presentation of cartoons.

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In rooms the Labouristas come and go dreaming of opposition… Oh!

I do not read The Times in hard copy (it’s a Murdoch thing – I share the views of D Potter in that regard).  However, I keep up with some of their on-line material including the blog of David Aaronovitch (brother of … Continue reading

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Who wants to be a millionaire? – legal news

You too can win thousands through Who wants to be a millionaire, if like June Riddell you are injured in trying to move a Who wants to be a millionaire quiz machine.  June got a bad back after moving the … Continue reading

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Fake game show

How do you solve a pogrom like Odessa? ITV1 attempts to arrest its decline by poaching Graham Norton to host auditions for  a new musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton based on a faithful musical recreation of anti-semitic … Continue reading

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Madonna not going into space  Apparently they would have to bring her back.  This led to the defeat of the proposal.

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Man tries to close stable door following departure of horse David Cameron – who has played the English card a few times since becoming leader – is warning of the danger to the union.  I am bemused to note that I and my fellow Scots are misunderstood by our … Continue reading

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Book meme – pending

Via pigeonhed 10 books I own but have not read (but would like to). Limited to the room in which the PC is located (which contains mainly non-fiction and poetry) the ten that I first notice on the shelves are: … Continue reading

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Booker shortlist announced

Well done Canongate – they can certainly promote their books well. See for the shortlist press release. The list comprises Desai, Kiran  The Inheritance of Loss  Hamish HamiltonGrenville, Kate The Secret River  CanongateHyland, M.J.  Carry Me Down CanongateMatar, Hisham  In … Continue reading

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Thank you for being a friend – Tony and Gordon together again

Gordon insists he and Tony are really good friends.   Alan is a good friend too.  IN fact everything is hunky-dory. He doesn’t mention John though.

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Tommy Sheridan update – his mum sings on youtube

There is obviously some genetic exhibitionist streak in the family Sheridan.  Witness Tommy’s mum singing The Impossible Dream at the launch of Solidartomsc courtesy of youtube.  Let’s just say she won’t be troubling the X Factor judges and would create … Continue reading

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The best ever musical about snooker is now available on DVD – starring Phil Daniels and Alun Armstrong as Jimmy White Billy the Kid and Ray Reardon The Green Baize Vampire.  Hooray.

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Well-meaning visitors half-blind fish

The Beeb reports that a fish at the museum around the corner from my office has had an unsightly growth removed after protests from visitors.  Apparently, the growth was not distressing the fish but the surgical intervention also led to … Continue reading

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You kip while UKIP decide part 2 (and Gordon Brown on AM)

Apparently YOUKIP are announcing their new leader today.  This is as dull as it seems. although come Euro election times YOUKIP have performed surprisingly effectively – assisted by the list based PR system (which assisted the SSP and John Swinburne MSP and the … Continue reading

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Tommy Sheridan writes PPB for GUardian

The libel wizard has an article in today’s Guardian calling on Tony B to go – a week after everyone else (including a sizeable branch of the PLP who happened to be in North Queensferry for a quiet weekend at … Continue reading

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Down among the diddy men – legal news

Top news story of the day is the stunning story that artist P Diddy has lost his right to use the Diddy name in the UK to some other rap artist (Richard “Diddy” Dearlove) who has been using the “Diddy” … Continue reading

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Reid between the lines – Labour in turmoil

Back from holiday to political meltdown. In all the stramash about Tony and Gordon, their arguments, and Charles Clarke’s contribution this morning I noticed that nobody picked up on a Newsnight quote last night.  An unnamed senior cabinet minister was … Continue reading

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