Fake gameshows

Bye bye Dodi, oh Di bye bye.

The Daily Express controversially sponsored the 2006 ITV1 gameshow which was axed after one pilot episode.  Devised, named and hosted by Paul Burrell the show appeared to be nothing more than a cheap attempt by Burrell to cash in on his association with his late employer.  However, from the theme tune – a re-recorded reworded version of the Bay City Rollers classic sung by Burrell accompanied by Suzanne Moore on the tambourine – to the set (where Burrell appeared to be hosting from what – to the uninitiated – appeared to be the drivers seat of a white Fiat Uno) and the lack of a comforting appearance by Ant, Dec or David Jason for an ITV1 audience the show had little chance of success.  The two teams were captained by Julie Burchill and WF Deedes with guest appearances in the pilot from Andrew Morton and Eve Pollard with points being awarded by Burrell in costume as a butler from a silver tray.

Burrell publicised the programme in an interview on the Sharon Osbourne show by claiming the show was a tribute to the memory of his erstwhile employer and that he was protecting her legacy while her children were messing around in the army and clearly had forgotten Burrell’s own suffering and terrible loss.  Burrell claimed that the show involved games that she would have been keen to play.  However, the rounds were a mishmash of rounds from other gameshows ( a picture round ripped off Question of Sport where the sole innovation was that the teams had to guess which designer had designed Diana’s outfit and which worthy cause she was supporting at the time, and a missing words headline round clearly stolen from Rob Bryden’s Annually Retentive) and innovations such as the minesweeper round – where a blindfolded Deedes was guided through a minefield by shouted instructions from Eve Pollard – were not wholly successful.  And Burrell’s own intervention in a round named “The Butler did it” where the teams had to guess famous butlers was excrutiating (although credit to Deedes for correctly identifying Reg Varney from On the Buses).

Burrell’s next project – the establishment of a Diana based lottery where proceeds were to go to a fund administered by Burrell to protect the memory of the people’s princess and esnure more regular coverage of the inquiry into her death by the Daily Express – was more successful.

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  1. pigeonhed says:

    A recent front page article in Psychic News claims that Di’s dresses are haunted, having brought bad luck to those who bought them and keep them locked away from her fans or have profited from their sale. It quotes one former New York style mag editor’s friend saying the editor bought the dress and her marriage has since broken up. Quite clearly cursed.

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