Does Davros mean nothing to you? Did he die in vain?

On rec.arts.drwho.moderated someone has posted a question regarding Tony Hancock and the Daleks.  I posted a reply which is slightly edited below

The story is discussed in a biography of Hancock by Cliff Goodwin “When the wind changed: the life and death of Tony Hancock” (1999) at pp 366-7.

This has stories of the time Nation was scriptwriter for Hancock (in 1962),

“After each show the pair would lie on their beds and drink and chat until early morning.  One idea they talked through was for a film in which the earth’s human population had been destroyed and the planet was governed by robots.  Neither could remember whether it was science fiction or comedy.  As they began to “design” the androids, Hancock’s imagination ran riot; his favourite was an inverted cone, covered in ping-pong balls and with a sink plunger sticking out of its head.  The film came to nothing. 

“When the three-week tour was over, Nation returned to his television scripts, including episodes for The Saint.  He was also invited to write for Dr Who [sic], the BBC’s long-running Saturday afternoon adventure of a time traveller, and his first episode heralded the
arrival of the Daleks.  When Hancock watched the mechanised aliens he pointed at his television screen and shouted: “That bloody Nation, he’s stolen my robots.”” 

I can’t find an equivalent to this version in Freddie Hancock’s biography of Hancock.

Goodwin’s version is not sourced and would I think be more credible if Ray Cusick had been Hancock’s companion and babysitter during the period.

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