How to write a newspaper diary

In the Pandora column in today’s Independent (the paper sponsored by “Red” and guest designed by Girogio Armani (and with a special Kate Moss poster)) there is a Lembit Opik story, or rather an Opik non-story.

Sadly it does not relate to Lembit blighting the career of some other person by backing them (following his backing of Kennedy and Oaten in the Lib Dem leadership contest).  Instead it’s some innuendo based gossip.  Opik appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show on Radio 5 live earlier in the week and made some comment about being as flawed as the next person when asked if he had any Oaten/Hughes/Kennedy type secrets.  GIven that in the studio the next person was Victoria Derbyshire who has herself exhibited some flawed behaviour in the past (with the former partner of Fi Glover) it’s perhaps difficult to read too much into it.  However, this generated much interest in the conservative blogosphere – leading the charge Guido Fawkes (who also had a follow up story).  Many of the comments give lurid innuendo and speculation about Lemit Opik and his relationship

I know that the newspaper diarist – aside from being heavily reliant on tip offs from Quentin Letts – scours websites and the net in order to come up with stories.  However, to lift  virtually your whole item from Guido’s blog and comments is a bit cheap.

Contrast the material from Guido (the first link above) with the article,

“Asteroid-gazing aviator, motorbike rider and Lib Dem frontbencher Lembit Opik has sparked lurid discussion after suggesting he may have a skeleton in his closet comparable to those of ill-fated colleagues Charlie Kennedy (alcohol) and Mark Oaten (affair with a rent-boy).
“During a grilling [from Victoria Derbyshire? – editorial comment], Opik engaged to weatherwoman Sian Lloyd, was asked if he had such a secret.  He replied that he was “as flawed as the next person”.  Just what – if anything – might he be hiding?  Rumours range from a possible “double life as a garden gnome” [which sans photo in the Indy diary becomes hunourless] to Lembit having beamed down to earth from a UFO.  Some of the starker suggestions are unfit for publication in a family column [so he’ll drop a few hints knowing that anyone can quickly find things on-line] but I will naturally keep you updated should anything (true) pass the lawyers.”

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