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Fake gameshows

Bye bye Dodi, oh Di bye bye. The Daily Express controversially sponsored the 2006 ITV1 gameshow which was axed after one pilot episode.  Devised, named and hosted by Paul Burrell the show appeared to be nothing more than a cheap attempt by … Continue reading

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Drug question

One of the men in the picture on this page once lost his job over drug-taking.  Can you guess who?

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man not dead – itsy bitsy mistake

The Beeb report that a man they said was dead yesterday, isn’t actually dead.  The man – who had something to do with some song about a bikini – is alive. Timmy Mallett – who famously covered the song while … Continue reading

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This is a fake

Some scientists have taken a 3D picture of the Mona Lisa.  THey have surmised that as a result of her wearing a certain gauze dress she was pregnant or had recently given birth.  It is suggested that that explains the enigmatic smile.  … Continue reading

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When Bill met Dougie

The Beeb report a Bill Clinton performance at the Royal Albert hall (less popular than Billy Connolly or Eric Clapton).  I skimmed the report seeing little of interest until I caught sight of the words “Dougie Donnelly” – yes, TV’s … Continue reading

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Unbroadcast Time Trumpet?

For some reason I don’t think the following clip from Time Trumpet made it to the air.  What on earth is wrong with Stewart Lee discussing The Muppet 9/11?

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From Time Trumpet : Dale Winton: suicide bomber

Ronseal type heading for this clip from the terrorism episode: Dale Winton: suicide bomber

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Campbell on Drive

On my commute back home this evening I put on my headphones and listened – as I do most nights – to Jane Garvey and Peter Allen on Five Live Drive.  The pair complement each other very well – both … Continue reading

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Gordon’s Appreciation Society

The other week I made reference to the BBC story that a senior cabinet minister thought that G Brown would not be a very good Prime Minister.  I may have erroneously given the impression that it was an academic member … Continue reading

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Abel raises Cain

Last night on BBC4 they showed a documentary about one of the great media hoaxers Alan Abel – the progenitor of Chris Morris.   The documentary is described here and Abel has a website which gives details of some … Continue reading

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Doctor Who meme

Via lonemagpie the Doctor Who meme where one story is picked for each Doctor.  I’m ruling out books for the moment but one novel or novelisation for each might be fun. 1) The Myth Makers 2) The Mind Robber3) Carnival … Continue reading

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Diary of a somebody

Has anyone seen those bizarre adverts where Jeffrey “perjurer” Archer is advertising some atrocious looking magazine.  The ad involves Lord Archer (yes, he’s still got the peerage – they kick prisoners out of the Commons, but the Lords better represents … Continue reading

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Today in Sheridan land

An interesting story in The Observer.  When solidartomsc was set up the other week the role of media co-ordinator went to a close Sheridan ally, Jim Monaghan.  Monaghan has been the victim of one of the curses in the case … Continue reading

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James Ellroy on BBC 4

I know that a few on my F-list are interested in the great James Ellroy.  BBC4 are broadcasting a documentary about him later this week (Tuesday at 10.30).  I think it’s the 2001 Arena broadcast “Ellroy’s Feast of Death” which … Continue reading

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Much ado about something – Daily SHow clip about Prince Charles on youtube Remember that Prince Charles story the other year?  Click the above for Colbert and Stewart take on it.  Once again God Bless youtube and The Daily Show

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Does Davros mean nothing to you? Did he die in vain?

On rec.arts.drwho.moderated someone has posted a question regarding Tony Hancock and the Daleks.  I posted a reply which is slightly edited below The story is discussed in a biography of Hancock by Cliff Goodwin “When the wind changed: the life … Continue reading

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Chris Morris on The Time and the Place

God bless youtube. Some Chris Morris sabotage I was unaware of.

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Blair in end of pier drama

The above was the helpful headline on Ceefax last night.  Intrigued I clicked to discover it was about Lionel, not Tony, and featured a cameo appearance by the odious Friday night project presenter Alan Carr, whose one saving grace is … Continue reading

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Virgin on the ridiculous – Branson pickled

Virgin trains today broke a train record.  I’ve not read the report but assume that if this was to break the record for Glasgow – London journey time by a VIrgin train it must have taken little under 2 and … Continue reading

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How to write a newspaper diary

In the Pandora column in today’s Independent (the paper sponsored by “Red” and guest designed by Girogio Armani (and with a special Kate Moss poster)) there is a Lembit Opik story, or rather an Opik non-story. Sadly it does not relate … Continue reading

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