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Dragons’ Den: Crystal Boots

Courtesy of the BBC mediaplayer the horror of Crystal Boots from last week’s Dragons’ Den.

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the second, or is that third, or could it be fourth? coming

And lo, in the seventh year Noel returned to the promised land.

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TV thoughts

 Having been put off watching How do you solve a problem like Graham Norton? any more than the first few moments as realisation dawned after, well literally moments that it’s another bloody talent contest I caught the end of it while turning … Continue reading

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Joke stolen from Michael Redmond, thinking about Ann Gloag

People often come up to me and say,  “Hey, you!  Get out of my garden.” (see for background and this week)

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Book Festival – David Peace

For the first time in two years I managed to attend an event at the Book Festival.  Yesterday I heard David Peace speaking on The Damned Utd.  Peace was engaging – although had to endure a rather pompous interviewer who … Continue reading

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Michael Crick investigates – Newsnight videos

The Newsnight website has been revamped and contains some clips of great Newsnight moments including a collection of Michael Crick interviews.  It’s all worth watching (5 mins 18 secs worth in total) including the gormless Lib Dem candidate, Ken Clarke, … Continue reading

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Tommy Sheridan

Tommy: the musical That hairy perma-tanned kid sure played a mean libel but in other news The Scotsman reports that one of the two Glasgow ladies who alleged that they saw Mr Sheridan in flagrante in a Glasgow hotel (the … Continue reading

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Just one more film

Can Samuel L Jackson thwart the News of the World undercover reporter intent on international celebrity humiliation in FAKE SHEIKH’S ON A PLANE?

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It’s ma ba’ and am no playin

Tommy Sheridan has indicated that he may form a new political party. His new party, Sheridan’s Socialist Party, is expecting its first split early in October.

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They’re having a laugh

Heavily used TV presented Graham Norton – star of that chat show he did which was meant to discuss topical news stories once a week but which vanished form the schedules because nobody watched and in any event wasn’t any … Continue reading

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Book meme

Via seangaffney  1. One book that changed your life?I’m not sure that individual books change lives.  But when I first read Next please by Ernst Jandl to my son I knew my life had changed. 2. One book you have … Continue reading

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The Guardian, Patsy and JonBenet Ramsey

One of my earliest posts in this LJ related to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and the death of Patsy Ramsey.  At the time The Guardian had published an obituary of Patsy Ramsey which, in my view, was laden with … Continue reading

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BA grounds flights

You might have seen this already but via Kevin Williamson’s blog: BA grounds flights

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Film again

Alan Rickman stars as a dark wizard determined to cause massive disruption to the air industry.  How can mere muggle Samuel L Jackson deal with this threat to world security when SNAPE’S ON A PLANE ?

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Reality TV spin-off big screen version

An irritating bearded airline assistant goes mad and having smuggled himself on board in the luggage hold now threatens the intellect of right thinking TV viewers everywhere.  Can Samuel L Jackson stop JEREMY SPAKES ON A PLANE?

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Failed film pitches number 4

“Good God man, we have to do something.  They’re slaughtering a cow up there.” Coming soon STEAKS ON A PLANE

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Failed film pitches number 3

Enjoying his flight home after a top secret government funded operation Samuel L Jackson is woken from his slumber by a shout from the cabin crew.  A peanut and toffee chocolate covered bar is somewhere on board and the terrorists … Continue reading

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Failed film pitches number 2

John Reid is angry.  This morning they’ve found cannabis in his house.  His colleagues have banned smoking.  And despite his best efforts someone has managed to thwart airport security.  She sneaked the bottle past them hidden in her baby milk and is … Continue reading

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Failed film pitches number 1

Their home of Moominland was ravaged by climate change.  They fled, determined to wage war on humanity.  Then one day they infiltrated the air networks …   Nelville Flynn (Samuel L Jackson) had thought his troubles were over. Now he must … Continue reading

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Tony who?

After all he’s done for them, worked his fingers to the bone, changed our foreign policy, got us involved in wars his fellow subjects were against, he even prays (allegedly) with their President, and what gratitude does he get?  Tony … Continue reading

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