Worst telly

The Radio Times has published a list of the 50 worst programmes seen on British telly (apparently – although we are lacking much on the way of Dale Winton or Justin Lee Collins (the Pete Best of the Wurzels) or Jimmy (I’m sexist and racist in an ironic way) Carr).  There is a brief article in the Guardian and the Letterman type top 10 list is as follows:

1. Naked Jungle (2000)
2. Minipops (1983)
3. Triangle (1981-83)
4. Quickfire Balls (Avago) (2006)
5. Annie’s Bar (1996)
6. Wright Here, Wright Now (2002)
7. Love Thy Neighbour (1972-76)
8. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (1984-91)
9. Through The Keyhole (1983-)
10. A Year In Provence (1993)

Bubbling under – Heil, Honey I’m Home (a cheat as it was never broadcast IIRC).

No sign of Carnal Knowledge, a late night ITV gameshow which first brought Graham Norton to our screens, nor any ITV drama starring Ross Kemp, nor The Mint.  In fact, a disappointing lack of current ITV output. 

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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14 Responses to Worst telly

  1. I compiled most of my own Top 50 last night. It does contain the odd rude word (ok, it uses the word “c*nting” more than once per programme, on average) but when I’ve finished it I’ll probably post to my LJ. That, or I’ll be arrested for making death threats to various TV presenters.

  2. andrewducker says:

    Love thy neighbour always gets stick in these lists, and I’ve never understood why.
    It’s _about_ casual bigotry, and was extremely topical at the time. It shows an ignorant white person trying to come to terms with the fact that there’s black people living next door, said black people being smarter than he is, and better educated.
    And yet reviewers seem to have taken on board the fact that there’s a racist character in it and assumed that it’s a terribly racist show.

  3. brooschlee says:

    Those bastards! Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a brilliant piece of television. Who wrote this article? I want to find them and murder them.

    • nmg says:

      Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a abomination.
      It has none of the grace or sly wit of the Rev. Awdry’s books, nor any of the historical accuracy (thinking mainly of the later books, many of which were based on the histories of various locomotives now in the hands of steam preservation societies). Thanks to it, the Rev. Awdry’s books are now all out of print, having been replaced with clumsy photo stories.
      (my inner six year old is very angry at the wholesale rape of one of his treasured childhood icons by Hit Entertainment)

      • brooschlee says:

        I couldn’t possibly disagree more, the heavy-handed moralism and near catastrophic accidents that would happen each episode would more than compensate for a lack of sly wit. It’s later episodes; for example where Thomas engineers the downfall of a group of Arctic Lorries that have been shipped to the island, dares to dream of a return to a golden age of steam. And massive crashes.

    • John Naughton, I think, who used to be TV critic of The Observer.
      My 3 year old loves Thomas the Tank Engine. However, a cynical parent thinks “It’a marketing thing.” as yet more new engines never before seen in the series appear in the shops week after week.

      • brooschlee says:

        Well as far as I can see, the series went in three distinct stages over the course of it’s lifetime. Originally, it was a series containing the core body of characters bent around some basic morality tale, usually which could also be read with a strong pro-capitalist bias. The engines are a group of indolent, prideful individuals, who fall upon their swords because they disobey the orders of their allegedly benevolent leader. (Tar, Coal, the one where Thomas falls down a mine, the one where Gordon falls into a river, the one where James crashes into a siding)
        Secondly, it seems the message is lost as the series becomes more story & action orientated, frequently featuring three part storylines such as the “Pop Goes the Diesel” adventure and “On The Rails” which sacrifice the moralism for action sequences.
        Finally, after the failure of the Movie and the swallowing of the show by Hit Entertainment, the series becomes soulless and commercialised as it introduces a new train every week, pushes Thomas and the core cast into the shadows introduces such exciting characters as that bloody crane who hates everyone. Then they got rid of the old theme. That was heracy.

  4. Very safe, list-programme list. No wonder Iain bastard Lee isn’t on it, he’d be needed for the ironic remarks. And where is ITN News at Ten?

  5. davidbrider says:

    Bubbling under – Heil, Honey I’m Home (a cheat as it was never broadcast IIRC).
    Doesn’t the article say that it was, albeit only on Sky (or possibly BSkyB or whatever it was at the time)?
    I can’t remember, but do Celebrity Love Island or Big Brother feature anywhere on the list? If not, very major omissions there.
    I love the fact that Thompson always features on these lists. IIRC it’s at number 16. I quite liked it at the time. Heck, I’ve still got it on tape somewhere – I may have to dig it out and give it a watch to see if it’s really as bad as people make out…

    • It claims it was broadcast on BSB but I am not sure that it was ever broadcast (at the time of production anyway) and had thought it was pulled before broadcast because it was potentially offensive.
      I liked the pilot episode of Thompson and suggested to my friends that they watch it. I thought the later episodes were much weaker (almost putting too much of the better stuff in the opening episode). It also used Dave Brubeck for the theme music so can’t be all bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

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