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 Having been put off watching How do you solve a problem like Graham Norton? any more than the first few moments as realisation dawned after, well literally moments that it’s another bloody talent contest I caught the end of it while turning on BBC1 for Match of the Day on Saturday.   Bizarre.  A collection of women dressed with white aprons and long dresses singing “So Long farewell” in a mechanical fashion to someone dressed in the same way who waved then left (presumably she’d been voted off).  They all waved and coped admirably while Baron Greenback and Stiletto Norton watched over things.  

Do they do this every week?  Is this really such a huge advert for Greenback’s revival, filled with songs from the show?  

Anyway I’m on a TV fast until |BBC4’s spy season starts next week, aside from the wonderful Time Trumpet (which I think ended any thoughts of fake gameshows for a while last week), The Daily SHow, and BBC4’s Friday night showing of The Old Woman and the Pigeons (from the team behind Belleville Rendezvous).

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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9 Responses to TV thoughts

  1. I note that the Spy season seems to feature quite a lot of John Le Carré. “Shall we talk about Control, George?”

    • I’ve just finished listening to the Bernard Hepton as Smiley Radio adaptations. They do a grand job.

      • If you can’t have Sir Alec Guinness, Hepton does just fine. (although if anyone was miscast in TTSS it was him as Toby Esterhase, he wasn’t nearly flamboyant enough).
        The worst Smiley i’ve ever seen was Denholm Elliott in the misguided adaptation of A Murder Of Quality. He played Smiley like a prep-school master who was asked to leave after an incident in choir practice. I normally rather like Elliott’s brand of raffish, crumpled loucheness — straight outta the muthafu**in’ heart of a Terence Rattigan play — but in this he was hopelessly lost.

        • The Radio Times indicates there is a Le Carre documentary on next week – The Secret Centre (I think this is the one on the Tinker Tailor DVD but may be wrong) it’s on at 9.35 next Thursday.
          Tinker Tailors starts on Wednesday around 10.30.

  2. ramtops says:

    what’s in the spy season? You interest me mightily.

    • Details are scant on the BBC4 website at the moment but it looks like it will have Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (which is quite wonderful – despite a slightly miscast Hywel Bennett IMO). They’re repeating Cambridge Spies and showing some films – includinG tom Stoppard’s adaptation of Greene’s The Human Factor.
      I’d quite like to see a repeat of the documentary they did about Mitrokhin given the recent paperback publication of volume 2 of the Mitrokhin Archive and would guess that A Question of Attribution will feature. I’d love to see Potter’s Traitor with john Le Mesurier – which wasn’t repeated in the Dennis Potter season. However, I’ll post again if I find out more. Rob Buckley’s blog “the word is not enough” is pretty good for info on TV shows.

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