Things on telly this week

Just a quick note to recommend Spiral (this evening and the next three evenings) on BBC4 at 11 pm – a French thriller series.  If you’ve not seen it yet, worth setting whatever recording technology you are using at the moment for it.  A crime and political thriller, well-characterised, well-acted with an incredibly handsome prosecuting magistrate, and unfeasibly attractive Inspector.  A cross between CSI and State of Play.  Unmissable.

Further, later in the week amidst the dross there are three things that look worth catching: BBC3 on Thursday broadcasts at 10.30 pm Darts Tarts – about one man’s love affair with the beautiful game and including a visit to Bobby George’s house (which he built himself); on friday BBC4 broadcasts at 9 pm Saving Jazz about a jazz photographer stranded after Hurricane Katrina returning to his house in New Orleans to go through his archive of photos; and next Saturday More 4 shows the final episode of GBH – the one with Jim Nelson defending himself before the Labour club and the wonderful “The trouble with you is that you’ve only read one book” speech.  Michael Palin and Robert Lindsay have never been better.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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4 Responses to Things on telly this week

  1. ramtops says:

    we finished the DVDs of G.B.H. last night, our jaws dropping with the sheer brilliance of every aspect of it. almost seemed to want to cue up Ep 1 and watch it all again at once πŸ™‚
    next up: I Clavdivs, I think.

    • Did you enjoy the Bleasdale feature at the end? I thought his comments on the show and the thoughts behind it are fascinating (and discovering the scene with the GP on the table really happened to him makes that sequence even more powerful).
      I love I Clavdivs (and the theme music is great as well as the acting). Blessed here, erases all memories of other OTT performances. Occasionally scenes jar (because the agespan of the character means some actors are too old in some scenes) but it’s high class stuff, with brilliant acting throughout. For me the standout peformances are Derek Jacobi and Sian Phillips. Definitely well worth a watch.
      If you enjoyed GBH it might be worth trying to get hold of A Very British Coup on DVD. It was released aa couple of years ago but by a small company (politicos I think). It has an interesting interview with Chris Mullan (sp?) but is from the same Channel 4 era.

      • ramtops says:

        yes, we did watch the interview. Very interesting stuff.
        I watched I, Clavdivs the first time round (I am very old), but can’t remember very much about it apart from its brilliance, so I’m looking forard to it.
        I remember Very British Coup as being very good – it’s the first item entered on my Amazon wishlist! Along with Chancer, and A Bit of a Do, and A Very Peculiar Practice and Our Friends in the North … I need more money πŸ™‚

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