Tommy Sheridan: News of the World unrepentant

I just checked the News of the Screws on-line edition for their response to the Sheridan defeat.  Let’s say that in simple terms they don’t accept the jury verdict…

With commendable restraint ( 😉 ) they devote hardly any pages of their paper to the story.  

Their main story is “We didn’t lie Tommy” ;

which is supported by

“There’s no plot, no frame-up.  This is the real minute.”
 which for legal observers and future historians contains the text of the controversial minute in a slideshow format.   Apparently noted self-publicist and the man that brought down David McLetchie, Brian Monteith MSP (former Conservative list MSP) is making a complaint to initiate perjury proceedings…


“The News of the World delivers its verdict: See you in court again, Tommy”
a fair and balanced ((c) Fox News) analysis of the evidence – including details on the supporting evidence for Katrine Trolle’s story (whose alleged relationship with Mr Sheridan of course did not form part of the original News of the World story)


“House was put in Gail’s name”
which details that Mr Sheridan transferred his one half pro indiviso share of his “£200,000 home” (according to the News of the World – if you really want to check the value then Registers Direct can help you find out valuations…) to Gail fearing bankruptcy.  There are similar reports in today;s Sunday Herald – which quotes legal experts (anonymous as me) that this would have protected the property…  This suggests that Mr Sheridan (and the Herald’s legal experts – media lawyers presumably) had not read the Scottish parliament INformation Centre papers on the Bankruptcy and Diligence etc (Scotland) Bill currently in the Scottish parliament.  The bill makes no change to the long established principle of gratuitous alienations, whereby any transfer at undervalue to a connected person (such as a spouse) within 5 years of a bankrupt’s sequestration is challengeable by the trustee in sequestration.

and for those that  missed the more salacious details during the case they helpfully reprint the various stories which the jury decided were untrue  no doubt hoping that the law of qualified privilege is avoiding compounding the original defamation…

and provide those of us with an interest in Scottish politics with a handy cut out and keep collection of photos of the SSP members that gave evidence in the court (again a real boon to legal historians) and the two ladies that the jury decided lied about bumping into Mr Sheridan in the MOat House hotel in Glasgow..  

Presumably they were going to run most of this stuff anyway and discovered that Tommy’s victory left them pages short unless they printed it with an appropriate spin.

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