Hairy man wins

Tommy Sheridan has won the defamation case with a £200,000 damages award.

The consequences would appear to be that 3 MSPs – including the SSP leader Colin Fox – have been adjudged by the jury to have lied in court, committing perjury.  Can we expect criminal investigations?

And will the News of the World hold back on Sheridan in future? 

EDITED 4.40 pm  Sheridan left the court and delivered a speech reported by the Press Gazette.  In the speech he thanked the working class people in court (presumably the 4 in the minority on the jury were middle class), his family, and he pledged to continue his fight against poverty and war being “back on the streets” after spending some quality time with his family.  He then compared his win to Gretna beating Real Madrid – which given Real’s recent performances in European competition and Gretna’s sterling efforts in winning two consecutive promotions and reaching a Cup Final from the third tier of professional football is surely only a matter of time.

I have now seen the post “The Govan Bigfoot Lives” of Tanngrisnir who called it correctly the other day.  At that post I have added the following comment (which is slightly edited here for context)

“I’m surprised but your observation the other day was spot on. Part of me thinks this is an opportunity for a jury to have a go at a method of journalism that many [including me] despise.

“Not having been present it is not possible to comment on the credibility of witnesses but based on the reports it is surprising for a jury to dismiss within 2 and a half hours the evidence of the majority of SSP executive committee members (none of whom wanted to be present and one of whom went to prison to avoid being involved in the case) and their recording of the “admission”. The consequence is that the jury think each of the 11 is lying; that 3 MSPs including the SSP leader are lying. Police investigations must follow.

“And as Bernard Ponsonby exclusively revealed [on STV] Tommy is going to stand for leader. I hope that Carolyn Leckie [who gave evidence that Sheridan had admitted attending swingers clubs] stands against him. Her response since the decision has been fascinating.  [the BBC reports 


“However, MSPs Frances Curran, Rosie Kane and Carolyn Leckie issued a statement saying that there was no “plot” against Mr Sheridan and stressing that they stood by the evidence they gave to the jury.

They said party minutes showed Mr Sheridan had admitted visiting a sex club.

Ms Leckie said the case was about a man with a reputation for honesty and integrity being shown to be a hypocrite and liar. “

“The case has had many similarities to Jeffrey Archer’s win against the Star – in terms of evidence [see my post the other day], and the immediate reaction of the victor [Gail Sheridan’s reaction spoke volumes]. I hope for Sheridan’s sake (and for Holyrood’s sake) that that’s where the similarities end. And – as was the case with Archer – I suspect the tabloids will have Sheridan in their sights.

“Tommy should hope that Michael Crick hasn’t heard of him :-)”

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