Tommy SHeridan sums up

Tommy Sheridan today delivered his summing up speech in his defamation action.  With reference to his simian qualities (and sadly with no due acknowledgement to tanngrisnir‘s comment) he told the jury,

“If I am a hairy ape I am sure, if challenged, I am sure my lord will allow me to disrobe. I would be prepared to do that.” 

I have no doubt that he would have used the full range from his political speechmaking armoury in his speech to the jury. 

Some other notes on the summing up:

he told the jury that as a high profile politician he would have been an idiot to do what he was alleged to do;

the publication of the story while his wife was pregnant had “endangered my wife, [and] endangered my child”; and

he claimed that the evidence had not produced a smoking gun.

Counsel for the News of the World sums up this afternoon.

As I said yesterday:

“Idiot or family man?  Audacious hustler or the victim of a conspiracy?  Hairy man or smooth man?  Will Tommy end up in the Clyde with a concrete block tied to his legs?  Or the bankruptcy courts?  Or police custody?  Or will he return home, his pockets somewhat heavier?  The jury will decide.” 

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