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Tommy news

Mr Sheridan appeared on Simon Mayo’s radio 5 live show today.  I was travelling from Aberdeen back home (having managed to infuriate a legal audience by slipping two (atrocious) poems into a discussion of the law of acquiescence – not so … Continue reading

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David Miliband is not Pete Doherty

At least that’s what he says on his blog… (via Iain Dale’s diary – which I was pointed to here by burkesworks

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Today in Tommy Sheridanland: Tommy does a Dr Owen

Tommy, the libel wizard, has announced that he is to set up a new political party named – with no little irony – Solidarity (presumably James Nesbitt was auditioning for the role of Lech Walesa during Murphy’s Law with his … Continue reading

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Kennedy character assassinated

Before I went to work for a top secret government funded research organisation I was politically active in the Liberal Democrats.  I was not an important Lib Dem.  They didn’t get much in the way of membership fee from me, … Continue reading

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Fake gameshows

The origins of ALL-STAR CREOSOTING FENCES, the ITV 1 game show, are lost to the public but are believed to trace back to the August bank holiday in 2006.  However, TV historians agree that the programme began with a bet … Continue reading

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Remembrance of films past – The Double Life of Veronique

As a student the first film I went to see in the Filmhouse in Edinburgh was The Double Life of Veronique.  I was clad in trenchcoat, and had been soaked in the usual Edinburgh evening rain.   I’d never been in the … Continue reading

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Robbing Robin

The Beeb website is (at the moment) not reporting the theft of the master tapes of the new Robin Hood TV series.  However, the SKy News website has the story.  It is rumoured that the thieves are seeking a ransom … Continue reading

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Gone today, Hair tomorrow

Well, I wasn’t expecting that.  Darrell Hair offered to resign in exchange for $500,000 (US) at the start of the week then retracted his resignation two days later.  Looks a little odd… So Hair lost?

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Remembrance of films past – Naked Lunch

When David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch came out some years ago I went to an afternoon showing at the Cameo cinema in Edinburgh.  It was in Screen 2 – a small cinema – and at the start of the film the … Continue reading

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Protected: David Peace on Front Row – Radio 4

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Overcrowded contortionists

From The Guardian news that contortionists are raising awareness of overcrowding in housing.   Will there be time for one of the contortionists to look up some old friends? ((c) B Cryer – 65BC)

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The worst British television programmes – number 1

Inspired by the Radio Times list I mentioned the other day I am collating my own worst British television programmes.  The first that springs to mind is from last year – Nigella, a chat show on ITV1.  In a now defunct … Continue reading

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remembrance of fringe past – assaulting celebrities

Yesterday, in Tesco, I bumped into Harry Shearer as I attempted to leave the shop at lunchtime.  He is slighter than you would imagine and I am 6′ 5”  so I was pleased that my barging past him had not damaged … Continue reading

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The art of the sub-editor – BBC website

Blaze strikes at city crematorium.

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Tesco v Denmark

Courtesy of Time Trumpet episode 3: the war between Tesco and Denmark.   As yet no sign of any ape related material on the Time Trumpet website.

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Snakes in a Snakes on a Plane screening

The jokers, eh?

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Osama “big fan of Whitney Houston, Miami Vice, The Wonder Years and MacGyver”

My favourite “news” story of the month so far is this report from The Scotsman newspaper, “Bin Laden “fantasised over” Whitney Houston”. The story reports a Sudanese writer held against her will by bin Laden claiming that Osama wanted to … Continue reading

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Tommy – the libel wizard : Crown Office speaks

The Crown Office (Scottish prosecutors) are examining the witness statements in the Sheridan case, it was announced today.  This is not surprising.  However, their statement that they are examining all evidence has sent some organs of the media into a … Continue reading

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Worst telly

The Radio Times has published a list of the 50 worst programmes seen on British telly (apparently – although we are lacking much on the way of Dale Winton or Justin Lee Collins (the Pete Best of the Wurzels) or … Continue reading

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Desert Island Discs

So this coming Sunday is Sue Lawley’s last as the presenter of Desert Island Discs.  Seems a good time to update the list of my own eight selections, on the off chance that Kirsty Young needs an ex-conveyancer on the … Continue reading

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