Russell T Davies to leave? Rumour in the New Statesman

You don’t expect to get your Doctor Who gossip in the New Statesman.  But in the edition of  3rd July at p 49 Ben Dowell (I am trying to work out if there is a double entendre in that name) writes,

“Can it be true that the great Russell T Davies may soon make his departure from Doctor Who?  The dynamic writer [insert usual reference to Queer as Folk, like he’s written nothing else] has been widely credited for the sci-fi show’s remarkable resurrection.  But I understand that he could be preparing to hand over the baton (or should that be the Sonic Screwdriver?) [ ho ho] to someone else.”

I am sure opinion will be divided on that one.

For context the same column refers to David Soul’s memoirs (and his questioning in relation to the murder of Sharon Tate) and an intriguing film with the working title “57 ways to kill Castro” which is to examine the various attempts on the life of Fidel.


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